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add a little adventure to your visit! try our zipline. 

Are you looking to add a little adventure to your visit to Scarecrow Farm? Or maybe you've always wanted to see what it's like to ride a zipline? Either way, you don’t want to miss our new zipline! Featuring over 600 feet of soaring fun and excitement at speeds up to 25mph!

That's right! Ascend the steps of our zipline tower to a platform 30 feet above the ground. Riders will be able to see the entire farm from the starting platform. From there, they will zip over the pumpkin patch. Riders will finally arrive at the ending platform, where they will slowly come to a stop.

Our zipline is open on Saturdays and Sundays during our regular season. It may close without notice due to unfavorable weather conditions. Please call or watch our Facebook page for the most up to date information.


Our fully trained staff will inspect the zipline every morning before opening to insure the safety and security of our riders. In the case that the zipline is unsafe, we will NOT allow anyone to ride it.

After paying for their ticket and filling out a waiver, participants will be fitted into a full-body harness and informed of our safety procedures and guidelines. When the little safety session is completed, zippers will ascend the stairs to the starting platform. From there, participants will await the staff to make sure the line is clear and safe to zip. Our staff will connect the harness to the zipline cable and instruct them when to go. Participants will zip 600 feet with a decline of almost 50 feet to the landing platform. At the end of the ride, riders will be caught by the line's breaking system. This slows riders down so they do not end so abruptly. Once the break slows the rider down, they will be caught by the "Receiver." The Receiver will disconnect the rider from the line and help remove their harness.


The zipline costs $14.95 per person plus tax for one ride down the line, or a three-ride ticket is available for just $34.95 plus tax. The three-ride ticket must be used by one person. Rides can not be shared. Participants can purchase tickets at the Farm Market Building, where they will then fill out a waiver prior to being harnessed.


Yes, we do have age, weight, and clothing requirements, as well as a waiver of liability to be signed.

Age: Children must be at least 8 years old. However, the height of the lines may be frightening to younger children. Of course, you’re never too old!

Weight: Minimum of 70 pounds. Maximum of 250 pounds. Note: Be prepared to step on a scale for accurate weights.

Clothing: Open-toed shoes are prohibited. Going barefoot is also not an option. No exceptions! Riders MUST wear shoes that cover their feet completely. We do not have any shoes for riders to borrow or rent, so come prepared!

Waiver: Filling out a waiver is a MUST. For riders under 18 years old, a parent or guardian must sign for them.

Pregnancy: Women who are pregnant can not ride the zipline.

Limitations: Those with severe respiratory problems, heart issues, back problems, balance issues, a surgery within the last six months, or moderate to severe musculoskeletal problems should not zip. (If there is any question, check with your physician.)

ALL participants are required to sign a waiver for the zipline. Minors under the age of 18 require a parent/guardian signature.





The safety of our guests is the of the utmost importance. The basic rule of thumb is if the corn maze is open to the public, the ziplines will be open. ziplines will not run in local severe weather such as thunderstorms, high winds, or lightning. However, they will run in the rain and after a storm has passed. Weather may delay the start of a run, but unless the weather is severe and expected to be so for an extended period, the ziplines will remain open.

+ "NO GO"

Please understand that there are no refunds for guests who are unable to complete their zipline ride. The zipline will help confront and overcome fears while providing thrills and fun. Parents know their children best. Please consider what this activity is and how your child might react to heights and challenges before purchasing a ticket.

Should you decide that it is too much for you, you may opt out of completing it. However, you will still be charged. Thanks for your understanding of our “no go” policy.

We want your zipline experience to be fun and we will do everything that we can to allow you the opportunity to experience the zipline. However, we also want you to be safe. For this reason Scarecrow Farm reserves the right to refuse access to anyone. If it is determined that a guest’s participation would compromise their safety, the staff’s safety, or the safety of other participants, they will be denied access. Being under the influence of drugs or alcohol, demonstrating the inability to understand the rules, failing to obey the rules, being found to be over the weight limit, or determining a physical inability to do a zipline are some, but not necessarily all, of the reasons a guest may be denied access. The Scarecrow Farm staff will have the final say on any participant involvement. No refund is available to those refused access.