Visit Our Orchard and Pick apples right off the tree! 

We currently offer nine varieties of apples on dwarf trees. We've carefully selected our trees to give you the tastiest, crispiest, juiciest apples around. We sell freshly picked apples by the pound in our Farm Market store. We also offer “U-Pick” apples at certain times during the fall season. Call or email us for the most up to date picking schedule.

We’ve expanded the Farm Market for an array of jams, jellies, pickles, local honey, salsas, and more. Don't leave without some tasty Scarecrow Farm apple cider. You won't believe the fresh flavor!

What’s available…

There are literally thousands of apple varieties known to exist. Here are some of the most popular apple varieties you'll find at our orchard.

+ BraeStar

Great for snacks and salads. The Braestar is an old fashioned sweet apple with yellow flesh and a smooth and crisp texture. Ripens late October.

+ Honeycrisp

Sweet as honey! These beauties are quickly becoming a new American favorite. Crisp, cream-colored flesh is mild, sweet and aromatic. Ripens in late September.

+ Jonafree

One of best apples for pies, sauce, juice, dried apple chips — or just eating from your hand. Creamy golden flesh and crisp, juicy flavor. Ripens in late September.

+ Pink Lady

A great dessert apple. Apples have a unique flavor — the first bite is tart, followed by delicious sweetness. Ripens in late October.

+ Schlect Spur Red Delicious

Excellent for eating and salads. This Red Delicious variety has red blushed skin with a tasty, sweet white flesh. Ripens mid September.

+ September Wonder Fuji

A great snacking apple! Super sweet, super juicy and super crisp. It is considered the earliest true Fuji. Ripens in mid/late September.

+ Snowsweet

Excellent for eating, salads, and baking. Firm, snow white flesh with a deliciously sweet and tart taste. Very slow to oxidize when exposed to air. Ripens late September.

+ UltraGold

Excellent for eating, salads, and sauce. This juicy apple has mild, sweet flavor and crisp, light, yellow flesh. Ripens in late September.

+ Zestar!

Most outstanding flavor! A great apple for eating, baking, and sauce. Excellent sweet-tart balance with a brown sugar overtone. Crisp and juicy. Ripens early September.